Why Should I Buy an Electric Fireplace?

When it comes to heating the home, fireplaces have served this purpose for hundreds of years. Modern versions use electricity, gas, propane, and even gel fuel as power sources. An electric fireplace has many advantages over other versions and comes in various sizes and styles. Anyone who is considering installing a fireplace should explore electric models to see what they have to offer.

Installing a woodburning fireplace in an existing home is not easy. An in-wall or wall mount electric fireplace is much simpler to install. Since electric fireplace inserts do not product smoke, a chimney is not required. A room that is not designed for a woodburning fireplace should be suitable for an electric model. Any consumer who has basic mechanical skills can install this fireplace in one day.

The units are available at home improvement and other retail stores for very reasonable prices. They come prepackaged, so there is no need to purchase components separately and put them together. However, consumers can opt to buy the surround and electric fireplace insert separately to customize the appearance of the unit. Surrounds are available in various types of wood and other durable materials. Inserts range in size, style of faux logs, and light effects.

A gas, propane, or woodburning fireplace is not portable, but an electric fireplace is portable. Some feature wheels while others must be carried but each type can be transported from one room to the next or between homes. This makes it possible to take the heat where it is needed, reducing primary home heating costs and the amount spent to install fireplaces throughout the home. Adding this unit to a room is not considered a major home improvement project.

Electricity is the power source for the heat and light. This is one of the major selling points for these fireplaces because electricity is easy to obtain, relatively inexpensive, and clean burning. A significant amount of work is involved in chopping and hauling wood. The result is a room filled with smoke that contains harmful ingredients. Soot and ash are debris that must be cleaned up after using a woodburning fireplace. Gas and propane are clean fuels but when used to power a fireplace, the cost is often higher than electricity.

With a wood fire, flames are often difficult to generate and once going, can quickly get out of control. One cannot simply turn off a woodburning fireplace when preparing to leave the home. An electric fireplace flame can be controlled with the touch of a button. Flame height and heat can be adjusted independently. The glass covering the electric fireplace insert usually does not get hot, providing an added safety feature for families with pets or children.

The maintenance-free aspect of an electric fireplace represents a major advantage over the woodburning version. The ability to adjust the electric fireplace heater and flames is another benefit not offered by fireplaces that use wood. When running a fireplace, gas and propane usually cost more than electricity. Electric units can be installed anywhere and easily relocated as necessary.