Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

After reviewing the various types of fireplaces available, you have opted for an electric model. The decision is now which style to choose. When space is limited, so are the options but there is still a wide selection available. If the home has modern décor, before settling for a corner electric fireplace, consider a wall mounted unit that looks great in a contemporary home.

A wall mount electric fireplace can either be hung on the wall or inserted into the wall. It takes up only vertical wall space, which is frequently unused, making it ideal for rooms with small square footage. The Dimplex electric fireplace is one brand that can be either hung on or inserted into the wall. Mounting brackets and instructions are included for either type of installation.

Styles vary depending on brand, with some units including stones, sand, pebbles, or shells beneath the flames. To install the unit on the wall, simply mount it on the brackets and plug it into an electrical outlet. With wall mount units, the electric fireplace heater is usually located at the top or bottom of the unit. Heaters range in strength from about 4,500 to 5,000 BTUs. Users control the flame, heat, and heater independently and many brands feature a remote control that makes adjustments easy.

Burley makes an electric fireplace that also serves as an air ionizer. This allows residents of small apartments to get two products in one without using any floor space. Fireplace size and viewing area differ by brand and model so it is possible to find one that accommodates even the smallest spaces. These fireplaces are lightweight so one or two people can install them without hoisting equipment. One important consideration is location of the wall outlet because plugs are located on different sides depending on model.

Electric fireplace inserts in wall mount units are attractive and many feature 3-D flame technology. This provides the flame with a realistic appearance without all the mess and space requirements of a woodburning fireplace. Whether users desire heat and flame or just flame, the fireplace is aesthetically pleasing. Being able to adjust a thermostat to the desired level of heat and receive immediate results is a benefit the body will appreciate.

When the wall mount electric fireplace is inserted into the wall, no mantel is needed. The unit rests nearly flush with the wall surface and users service it from the front. This is a permanent installation so users should ensure they want this style before they make a purchase. Anyone who may want to move the fireplace in the future should consider one that can be mounted onto the wall.

Explore a wall mount electric fireplace when space is at a premium but a fireplace is still desired. With its sleek design, realistic flames, and powerful heat, this unit serves a purpose whether it is hung from or inserted into the wall. Using the supplied mounting hardware, consumers can install this electric fireplace and begin enjoying the warming comfort and beautiful flames in less than one hour.