Use A Corner Electric Fireplace To Save Space

The walls of many homes are filled with furniture, leaving little space for an electric fireplace. A fireplace makes a nice addition to any home because it enhances the look of a room and provides warmth to occupants. Electric models do this without creating any smoke or harmful emissions, features that health-conscious people appreciate. If there is not enough space to install this fireplace along a flat wall, consider purchasing a corner unit.

Many people struggle to find something that looks normal when placed in the corner of a room. It is common to see a potted plant or a lamp located there. In many cases, extra space remains and in a small home, this area is a valuable commodity. With a corner electric fireplace, people make this spot much more functional. The fireplace nestles into the corner as if it was built with the house, looking as realistic as a wood-burning model.

Some units are convertible from a flat wall to a corner model by raising and lowering a triangular-shaped piece of wood attached to the back. This offers multiple placement options and is perfect for someone who may be relocating in the near future. The fireplace can be taken to the new home and installed in the corner or against the wall in any room. Some owners add wheels to the bottom of the surround so they can move the fireplace from room to room as needed.

A corner electric fireplace is nice because it offers additional mantel space. People can put a small lamp, some pictures, and a few small statues in this area. Come holiday time, they can decorate the mantel with garland and a small Christmas tree or menorah. This fireplace looks just like the real thing, leading many people to hang their Christmas stockings on it. The difference is that Santa will need to come in the front door because electric units do not require venting.

Corner fireplaces come in many styles and sizes, with everything from petite wooden units to substantial stone structures available. Shoppers should measure the height of the windows in the area to ensure the fireplace will not obstruct them. It should not be difficult to find a fireplace in the correct size and a desirable style. A variety of features, including remotely controlled heat and flame, are available.

When shopping for corner fireplaces, people should consider where they will use the unit. If a unit is too small for the room, it will look like a toy, while one that is too large will overwhelm the eye and the corner of the room. A small fireplace may be suitable for a bedroom or kitchen, while a larger one might be needed for a living room or family room.