There Are Several Different Types of Fireplaces

The decision has been made to purchase a fireplace powered by electricity and now the real shopping begins. Electric fireplaces are the perfect choice for people who want a cozy atmosphere without spending thousands of dollars to install a woodburning version. They come in many types and each is designed for a certain purpose. By familiarizing themselves with each of these, consumers save time and money.

Mantel style electric fireplaces feature an unvented firebox containing a realistic flame effect. The mantle surrounds the firebox and is usually made from wood, with cherry, oak, and walnut being common. Finishes range from light to dark and some mantels are painted a neutral color designed to match various interiors. Mantel designs range from basic styles with clean lines to ornate models that feature pillars, scrolls, and carvings.

An electric fireplace TV stand combines a mantel style fireplace with a media console. It stores components like a DVD player and video game system and also holds a small fireplace. The top of the unit is designed to hold a large television, allowing users to enjoy some entertainment while they warm themselves in front of the attractive fire. Sizes of mantel electric fireplaces vary so consumers should be able to find one to fit their space requirements.

The wall mount electric fireplace is offered as a hanging unit or a version that is installed into drywall. Mounting hardware is usually included with hanging electric fireplaces while those designed for in-wall installation may require assistance from a professional to ensure that installation meets building codes. Some Burley, Oakham, and Dimplex electric fireplace models are designed to be mounted either way, providing consumers with additional flexibility.

Logsets of electric fireplaces fit inside an existing brick or steel-lined fireplace. Some of the electric fireplace logs have an inner glow and pulsating embers that make them look like real burning wood. Were it not for the lack of smoke smell and ashes, guests may not realize that this fireplace is not the woodburning type. Making a woodburning fireplace electric is not difficult. Just purchase a logset, center it in the fireplace opening, and plug it into a 120-volt outlet. Most inserts can be operated with or without heat, making them suitable for any time of year.

An electric fireplace insert is similar to a logset but it usually features trim and louvers, which may be purchased separately. The trim attaches to the insert unit to cover the existing fireplace opening. Custom trims are also available so consumers can get one that is a perfect fit for their fireplace opening. Louvers serve as vents for generated heat and these come in various designs to match the decorating style of the room.

These are the most common styles of electric fireplaces but similar products are available, such as electric stoves. The stoves look just like the old-fashioned cast iron stoves and they are both low-priced and portable. Whether shoppers select a wall or corner electric fireplace or one of the many electric stoves, they will spend many cozy nights in front of the fire.