The Best Electric Fireplaces You Can Find:

The invention of the electric fireplace is one of the most beautiful — and useful — inventions to impact interior design in the last fifty years. Not only do electric fireplaces offer warmth, but they also add mountains to the look and feel of a room’s atmosphere.

If you want your home to look classier and warmer, then you should enjoy our reviews of electric fireplaces.

  • The 3 Cheapest Electric Fireplaces. If you’re looking to save money, then begin your search here. This list is based on savings rather than beauty.
  • Best Electric Fireplace Inserts. Here’s a list specifically of inserts and not wall, corner, or free standing electric stations.
  • Electric Fireplace Logs. The “logs” in an electric fireplace can make the insert look incredibly realistic — and beautiful. Some of the logs are made from artificial material, but higher-end logs can be made from real wood.
  • Free-Standing Electric Fireplaces. Here’s a list of free-standing electric fireplaces and heaters.

Of course, we also have tutorials and how-to guides for purchasing, managing, and accessorizing electric fireplaces.

  • How Much Do Electric Fireplaces Cost? The price of an electric fireplace heater or insert depends mostly on how high of a quality it is — and what it looks like. The basic concept of the insert is fairly cheap, but the nices the insert looks, then the more expensive it becomes. They can range between $200 to $2,000 per insert — depending on brand and quality.
  • Do Electric Fireplaces Save Money? An electric fireplace saves money depending on the alternative. If you’re cutting and burning your own wood, it’s probably the same or slightly more expensive. If you’re buying your wood or coal, then it’s probably cheaper.
  • Are Electric Fireplaces Safe? Electric fireplaces are much safer than most fire-burning alternatives — though, of course, every insert does have its own unique risks.

We don’t sell any fireplaces here. We’re strictly a review service, and focus completely on providing the best reviews possible for the discerning consumer. This approach has lead to us quickly becoming the most popular electric fireplace review website to be found online.