Southern Enterprises (SEI) Classic Style Amish Electric Fireplace Review

With the SEI Sutter Classic Style Amish electric fireplace, you get an attractive fireplace without the harmful emissions and smoky odor. Classic Amish mantel styling includes slim, rounded columns with blocked bases and capitals. The shelf is trimmed with crown molding, further enhancing the traditional appearance. Installation is quick and easy- no need to call a professional. The flickering flame and heater temperature are each adjustable, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere.

With just 24 minutes, this fireplace will heat a 1,500 cubic-foot area. All the while, the glass front remains cool to the touch, making this model safe for use in homes with children or pets. The mantel supports an 85-pound flat screen television so this electric fireplace is perfect for a media room. However, you do not need to keep it there because this model is portable. Move it into a den, living room, or even the dining room to enjoy the mesmerizing flame and comforting warmth any time you desire.

The SEI Sutter Classic Style electric Amish fireplace measures 42.25 x 14.75 x 41.75 inches.

The SEI Sutter Classic Style Amish electric fireplace includes:
• Amish style fireplace with deep mahogany finish
• Flickering flame for a realistic effect
• Slender, rounded columns and blocked bases and capitals
• Crown molding on mantel shelf
• Mantel supports flat screen TVs up to 85 pounds
• Firebox measures 23” wide x 20” tall
• Adjustable thermostat
• Adjustable flame brightness
• Heats 1,500 cubic-foot area in 24 minutes
• Glass stays cool to the touch
• Remote control

• Very attractive log set and mantel
• Supports a flat screen television
• Realistic flame is adjustable
• Remote control

• Assembly required
• More expensive than some other units its size

Looking for an Amish style electric fireplace? Look no further because the SEI Sutter Classic Style electric Amish fireplace is both attractive and versatile. The beautiful mantel is elegant, featuring slim rounded columns anchored by blocked bases and capitals. On the mantel shelf, there is refined crown modeling to complete the traditional look. The entire mantel and surround have a classic mahogany finish, creating a deep, rich feeling. This fireplace makes an attractive addition to any room and the 23” firebox is larger than most.

Adjust the flickering flame to the desired brightness and turn the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. Use the included remote to control operation while you remain cozy on the couch. This fireplace is completely energy efficient, uses about as much energy as a coffee maker, and has zero emissions and no pollutants. After assembling the unit, plug it into a standard wall outlet and begin enjoying everything it has to offer.