Small Electric Fireplace

The functionality of a small room is often limited and installing a standard size electric fireplace is usually not feasible. Only so much furniture can be added before the area becomes overcrowded. People may have difficulty navigating through the area and the room can become an eyesore. Keep things simple by adding a small seating area, small fireplace, and low bookshelf, creating a cozy reading nook.

Few rooms in the home offer the ability to relax and unwind in front of the fire. A traditional fireplace requires maintenance and emits fumes that many people consider unpleasant. They choose to make this area decorative and use an electric model instead. But, where to put it? It will look strange in the same room as the existing fireplace, so the den is the perfect choice.

Other homes do not have any fireplaces and the rooms are not large enough to justify installation. A small electric fireplace is the perfect choice because it is freestanding and some units fit into the corner of the room. Small firebox and mantel packages are 36 to 45 inches wide and deliver enough heat to warm a 15 to 20-foot room. The unit plugs into a 120-volt electrical outlet and does not require venting. Cost is not an issue because the expense is only about two cents per hour without heat and seven cents per hour with both heat and flame.

The ClassicFlame Franklin 23-inch wall or corner unit in roasted mahogany costs about $430. This attractive fireplace and mantel package features all LED technology, so there is no need to change light bulbs. The ember bed and glowing logs are hand-carved to appear realistic. With the digital thermostat, you always know the air temperature and the electronic timer has an automatic shutoff feature. Users can adjust the flame and heat with the multi-function remote control.

A corner media and fireplace console is perfect for the smallest den. The $600 23-inch Corinth model from ClassicFlame comes in vintage premium oak and features ornate detailing, a realistic flame that uses LED technology and features five brightness settings, and resin ember bed and logs. The digital thermostat offers an easy readout and the remote control makes adjustment simple. Set the electronic timer to enjoy the flame and warmth for up to nine hours without having to turn off the unit.

The Dimplex Mozart is perfect for a small room in a modern home. The sleek black design and patented flame technology of this $449 electric fireplace create a realistic look. This unit is perfect for the living room of a loft, condominium, or apartment. It allows people to receive the benefits of a real fireplace without the hassle and large space requirement.