Save Floor Space With A Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

Even if floor space is at a premium, there are still ways to heat the home with an electric fireplace. Wall-mounted fireplaces are slim and decorative, offering realistic looking flames and comforting heat. Their space-saving design is perfect for condominiums, townhouses, lofts, and apartments. These units mount directly on the wall and some of them can be inserted into a recessed area for a seamless appearance.

Most wall-mounted units operate via a standard 120-volt electrical outlet. Simply mount the electric fireplace using an included or separately available mounting kit, plug it into the electric socket, and enjoy heat, flame, or both any time of year. The most expensive models can be hard-wired into the home, providing heat and flames on demand for a lifetime. Flames have a realistic appearance, some featuring patented technology that is unrivaled.

Fireplace surrounds feature fashionable styling created by stainless steel or wood, designed to complement any interior. A fan-forced heater delivers comfortable heat controlled by a thermostat. Some models include a remote control for convenient operation, while others have automatic temperature adjustment. The average wall mount unit costs just three cents an hour to operate with flame only and eight cents an hour with both heat and flame.

Being able to enjoy the benefits of a fireplace without venting or emissions is perfect for people on limited budgets who have health concerns. They can install a wall-mounted electric fireplace and begin using it without any heavy construction or rewiring. These units range in size, with price dependent on the dimensions and included features. Prices go from about $350 to $1,500 or more, with some much more expensive due to their features. Firebox sizes span from about 30 to 50 inches or even larger.

In addition to flat and curved wall mount fireplaces, there are unique options like cordless units that feature a flame set against a mirrored background. People can achieve nearly any look they want using these fireplaces. Some designs blend into the area as if they made for it, while others serve as a focal point and conversation piece. People install these in living rooms, dens, bedrooms, and even kitchens and bathrooms, enhancing the appearance of these areas.

Whether customers want flames shooting from logs or emitting from sand, pebbles, or pieces of glass, they can find them in wall-mounted electric fireplaces. Supplemental heat is provided to up to 400 square-foot or larger areas, basking users in comfort. During warm weather, the flame can be operated without heat, providing the room with a comforting glow. Most models come with a limited warranty that provides peace of mind regarding manufacturer defects. A review of the available models will illustrate just how popular they have become.