Quality Craft Traditional Chestnut 26-Inch Electric Fireplace Review

Anyone can add an electric fireplace to the home without spending several hundred dollars. For just over $100, Quality Craft sells a 26-inch fireplace featuring traditional styling. The classic wood veneer mantel and surround feature a deep chestnut finish. Flame effects are realistic and can be enjoyed with our without heat. This model will quickly heat a room up to 340 square feet and complements any traditional décor.


The Quality Craft traditional chestnut electric 26-inch fireplace measures 28 x 8.3 x 26 inches and weighs 41.45 pounds.

The Quality Craft traditional chestnut electric 26-inch fireplace includes:
• Freestanding 26-inch fireplace operated by electricity
• Simulated wood veneer finish on mantel and surround
• Classical styling
• Realistic flame effects
• Separate flame and heat operation
• 1,50 watts- 3,850 BTUs
• Heats rooms as large as 340 square feet
• Touch up paint
• Extra parts

• Realistic appearance
• Sufficient heat for small room
• Fits into openings of some existing fireplaces
• Can operate with flame only
• 1-year product warranty

• Heater output grille becomes hot during operation
• Smaller than some other models
• Some complaints of flame display area operating loudly

It is possible to get a realistic flame and warming heat from an electric fireplace that costs just over $100. Quality Craft has a traditionally styled 26-inch model that features a chestnut finish wood veneer mantel and surround. The log set and flame effects are lifelike and the construction is high-quality. Heat emitted warms a 340 square-foot room to a comfortable level.

Use only the flame on warmer days to receive the visual benefits without the heat. This unit weighs just over 40 pounds so two people can easily carry it from one room to another. Turn down the heat in the den, dining room, or a bedroom and use this fireplace as your supplemental heat source to save money.