Quality Craft Cherry 32” Mission Style Electric Fireplace Review

If you need an electric fireplace large enough to fit into a living room or formal dining room, consider the 32” cherry mission style model from Quality Craft. This unit sells for about $170 and can heat a room measuring up to 400 square feet. An attractive, traditional look is provided by the mission style design and dark cherry finish. This fireplace will blend in nicely in homes featuring everything from traditional to contemporary décor.

The mantel and surround are very attractive due to the mission styling and rich cherry finish. Small decorations, pictures, and knick-knacks can be placed on the mantel to make this fireplace look even more realistic. All that is missing are the crackle of the fire and the smoky smell, which allergy suffers surely will not miss. This product is an energy efficient supplemental heat source that offers no emissions and years of use.

The Quality Craft electric 32” mission style fireplace measures 32 x 8.5 x 37 inches and weighs 59.7 pounds.

The Quality Craft 32” mission style electric fireplace includes:
• 32” electric powered fireplace
• Simulated wood veneer
• Traditionally styled mantel
• Dark cherry finish
• Realistic flame is adjustable
• Use with or without heat
• 4,500 BTUs
• 750 and 1,500 watt adjustable temperature control
• Heats room up to 400 square feet
• Overheat protection safety feature

• Good size for the price
• Realistic flame
• Nice mantel, surround, and log set
• Can use without heat

• Heater outlet grille becomes hot during use
• Assembly required
• No remote control
• Some complaints of loud operation

Use the Quality Craft 32” mission style electric fireplace to heat your 400 square-foot room without smoke or ash. This emissions-free fireplace features a realistic flame that you can adjust to your liking. It also has a powerful heater and the ability to adjust the temperature between 750 and 1,500 watts. Enjoy the heat and flames together on a cold winter day or turn off the heat and be mesmerized by the flames when the weather is warm. Either way, you will think a real fireplace was added to the home.

This unit is not difficult to assemble because detailed instructions are provided. The log set, mantel, and surround are sturdy and have a realistic appearance, blending nicely with other furniture in the room. For $170, you will have a difficult time finding a 32” fireplace that runs on electricity. This model fits the bill and does so in an attractive way. Simulated wood veneer featuring a deep cherry finish is used to create the mantel and surround, providing the look of real wood without the expensive price.