Is There A Model Like The Charmglow Electric Fireplace Suitable For A Dorm Room?

When going away to college, many students wish they could take the electric fireplace, comfortable couch, and other furnishings from home. Living in a college dorm is fun because there is always plenty of socializing but the dorm room itself can be quite depressing. These rooms tend to be small and feature stark walls and a linoleum floor, creating a rather cold appearance. Fortunately, it is not difficult or expensive to turn a dorm room into a cozy space.

A large area rug will make the room look and feel warmer. There will be no more shock to the system when stepping out of bed in the morning, just a soft cushion beneath the feet. Choose some inexpensive framed wall prints that feature complementary colors and hang these around the room to tie the area together. Stack the beds bunk-style so there is space for a small couch or chaise, creating a comfortable study area.

What will really put this room over the top is the addition of a small electric stove. A fireplace is usually too large for a dorm room but a stove is the perfect size. Charmglow used to be the leader in the electric stove sector but Dimplex has taken over that title. It offers electric stoves in an assortment of colors and styles, each with a realistic flame and a heater powerful enough to warm a dorm room for just pennies a day.

The mini cube electric stove is perfect for the smallest dorm rooms because it measures just 18.5 x 10.25 x 18.5 inches. This little cube has a retro appearance and is available with either a chrome or gloss-red finish. The 1,480-watt, 5,050 BTU heater will warm any dorm room within minutes. Just plug the cord into a standard 120-volt outlet and adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature. A patented 3D flame effect provides depth and makes the flames appear to dance. When the room temperature is comfortable, enjoy the flames without the heat.

A Dimplex compact electric fireplace stove with a black finish has a classic look. It resembles a traditional wood stove but eliminates the mess, providing a 3D flame and pulsating embers without soot, smoke, or ash. The working door adds to the realism and the ability to enjoy the flame by itself makes this the perfect year-round furnishing for a dorm room.

The Celeste model is one of the most ornate, making a very attractive design statement in any dorm room. A black or cream finish is available and the detailing on the housing resembles Victorian styling. In addition to the lifelike 3D flame, this small electric fireplace has the added feature of a Purifire air treatment system designed to make surrounding air healthier to breathe.