Is A Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Good For Homes With Children

Some electric fireplace units feature a heater grille that gets hot to the touch. This can make them unsafe for households with young children or pets. Little ones and animals may not know to stay away from the area. If they brush up against it, they may burn themselves. Homeowners wishing to avoid a trip to the hospital should consider an electricity-powered fireplace that mounts on a wall. They can install it at a height that is out of reach of children and pets.

The Synergy wall mount fireplace from Dimplex comes with a surround. In new construction, it can be fully recessed into a wall. It can also be retrofit by building it in an existing 2×4 wall. Installing it as part of a Dimplex mantel package is another installation option. Dimensions with surround are 62.5 x 20.2 x 32 inches. A lifelike flame effect is provided by the Dimplex patented electric flame technology. Silvered, colored glass pieces are used to make the flame bed, creating a mesmerizing light effect.

Thermostat control and high low heat adjustment allow users to get the desired amount of heat from the 1,230 watt, 4,198 BTU heater. Using flame and heat simultaneously creates the experience of a real fire. During warm weather, flame can be used by itself to enhance the ambiance in the room. The cohesion wall-mount surround features simple detailing and a burnished walnut finish, making it compatible with many decors.

Dimplex also makes the Sahara wall mounted fireplace that has a very attractive multicolored sand ember bed. A gunmetal gray finish is applied to the picture frame surround. This fireplace measures 39.5 x 6.9 x 27.6 and comes with a remote control. Separate flame and heat operation enable year-round use. When weather is cold, the integrated thermostat enables easy temperature adjustment. This fireplace will look amazing in any room of a modern home.

Tranquility is one of the wall mounted electric fireplace models from Classic Flame. It joins other popular wall units including Harmony and Serenity. The Tranquility model measures a very compact 35.43 x 5.47 x 16.14 inches and features a multifunction remote control. Flame can be operated with or without heat and features speed settings of pulsating or rolling. Brightness adjustment delivers three shades of illumination. A unique color change feature for the LED backlight alternates between blue, yellow, blue and yellow, and automatic color fade.

The heater fan includes two settings designed for maximum comfort. This fireplace features an attractive decorative rock bed. Consumers who find this style of fireplace appealing should also review the Harmony and Serenity models. While Tranquility has a frame-like metallic surround, Harmony has a modern metallic surround with a bolted look, and Serenity has an all black surround with grooved detailing.