Fireplace Electric Inserts

If you are unhappy with your wood burning fireplace, electric inserts are a low-priced solution. An insert that runs on electricity does not have the harmful emissions or time-consuming cleaning requirements of the wood burning version. For most models, installation involves inserting the unit into the fireplace opening and plugging it into an electrical outlet. Others can be hardwired into the home electrical system. Either way, you get flame and heat without the mess and harmful health consequences.

Fireplace electric inserts range in price from about $100 to $500 or more, depending on size and features. Consumers should measure their fireplace opening and select an insert that will fit comfortably within it. For a smaller fireplace within a room no larger than 400 square feet, the $120 Duraflame 20-inch electric fireplace log set should be sufficient. It features a remote control and separate flame and heater operation for year-round use. Flames appear to roll and pulse from the realistic logs, with effects projected onto the back of the existing fireplace.

Dimplex makes several inserts for different fireplace sizes. The 23-inch model sells for about $170 and can be used in a steel or masonry fireplace opening. Patented flame technology creates a wood burning fireplace experience without combustion. The on-off remote controls heat and flame for a room up to 400 square feet. The Dimplex deluxe series 23-inch insert sells for $200 and offers full or half heat with optional flame.

The 24-inch insert from ClassicFlame features energy efficient LED technology, hand-finished logs that have a natural inner glow, and easy plug in and use installation. This $260 fireplace insert features a multi-function remote control for adjusting supplemental heat and delivers an attractive flame to your 400 square-foot room. Add a screen and fireplace tools to create a realistic look. The lack of smoky smell will be the only indicator that you converted from a wood burning fireplace.

Comfort Smart offers a basic 23-inch log set and a deluxe model that features a back screen. Both use LED bulb technology and can heat a 400 square-foot room. The deluxe version sells for about $200 and projects flames onto the sides, top, and rear of the firebox for a realistic appearance. The logs look real and the ember bed actually glows. The remote control adjusts the temperature between five levels to achieve the desired comfort.

The king of all fireplace electric inserts is the Dimplex 23-inch model featuring a pewter cast hooded trim. Hand-finished logs have a natural inner glow and the heater makes any 400 square-foot or smaller room more comfortable. Operate this $600 unit without heat during warm months to create a cozy ambiance in the room. This model is perfect for a Victorian or other older style home.