What “Else” Does an Electric Fireplace Do?

Dimplex, Classic Flame, and Charmglow electric fireplace brands are well-known in the industry. People who purchase fireplaces that use electricity have likely heard these names. Brands like these are popular for a reason- they feature benefits aside from warming our bodies. A high-quality fireplace entertains us and may even clean the air we breathe.

Classic Flame makes a wall mount electric fireplace with translucent rocks and flames that glow pink, yellow, and blue. The result is a light show for the eyes, making the fireplace as visually appealing as warming. Users can adjust the unit for high or low heat and operate flame independently of heat. Models with these features cost just over $350 and feature no sales tax and free shipping.

Dimplex electric fireplace models feature 3-D flame technology for a realistic look. Some of them have removable sand in various colors. Burley includes white stones, shells, and pebbles within some of its wall units. ADDCO Universe wall mount electric fireplace designs feature glowing embers that look so real, they appear hot to the touch. The flare model that features tinted curved glass is particularly appealing to people with modern homes.

Burley offers a double bang for the buck with some of its wall hung fireplaces. Not only do these units look attractive when hanging on the wall, they ionize the air. This integrated feature freshens the air in the room while the unit is running. With the remote control, users can change the level of the flame or adjust the heat setting. This attractive electric fireplace features black or stainless steel trim and includes a one-year limited warranty.

The Ayston, another wall model from Burley, has pebbles and coals, an air ionizer, and sense touch control. Whether users operate the touch settings or use the included remote, they can control the flame and heater settings independently. A powerful 4,800 BTU heater ensures that people will be cozy when they are nearby. Mounting brackets are provided so consumers can quickly and easily hang the fireplace on the wall.

A digital display featuring all LED technology is offered by the Classic Flame LED 110V electric fireplace insert. After installing this unit in the wall, the owner can sit down, adjust the temperature, and enjoy watching the flames dance behind the included stones. An integrated thermostat ensures that users are never cold. Widescreen models of the Dimplex electric fireplace feature glass embers that make light play around the room. With both electric fireplace units, the flame can be operated without turning on the heat, which is perfect on a warm day.

As these products reveal, heating is not the only benefit provided by an electric fireplace. Some models provide us with a colorful light show, while others use glass to maximize light effects. Still others ionize our air, making it safer for us to breathe. These multifunctional fireplaces come in many sizes, colors, and designs including corner, wall mount, and insert styles. After installing one of these in the home, we will wonder how we ever lived without it.