Electric Fireplace Logs

Much research and development has gone into making electric fireplace logs appear natural. When they were first developed, they were nothing more than pieces of plastic illuminated by a golden flashing bulb, with a scrolling flame effect in the background. With modern versions, a second look is required to determine that they are not wood burning logs. Of course, the lack of ash, smoke, and maintenance should be dead giveaways!

Complete electric fireplace units are sold online and in retail stores. These include an electric firebox and a surround made of wood, stone, stucco, or other material. Consumers can also find electric log sets that can be inserted into the opening in a wood burning fireplace. These can either be hardwired or plugged into a standard electrical outlet, converting a traditional fireplace into a zero-emission version.

Some of the newest electric logs to hit the market are made from real wood. They are crafted to look just like real logs and even make the same crackling sound during use. Users control the sound emitting from the hidden speakers, adjusting it to their liking. Flame technology has also greatly improved, with visual effects like dancing flames of a hot fire.

Not everyone enjoys the site of roaring flames. For those who are more low-key, log sets that simulate glowing embers may be preferred. Embers glow atop beds of stone, sand, or even glass, creating a clean, modern look. Models that feature glass are particularly attractive because the light from the embers dances off the shards, creating colorful prisms that seem to burst from the fireplace. Many wall-mount fireplaces feature embers, allowing them to lay relatively flat against the wall.

When people do not want embers or flames, they can simply enjoy the heat that emanates from electric fireplace logs. Being able to control heat and flame separately makes the fireplace a versatile addition to the home. Many people use this fireplace as a supplemental heat source within the home. By turning down the home thermostat and turning on the fireplace when in the room, they reduce their heating bill.

It is easier to control the heat in a room with a remotely controlled electric fireplace than the thermostat. Simply point the remote at the unit and adjust the temperature to a comfortable level. Some models feature automatic temperature regulation, blowing room-temperature air once the desired climate is achieved.

Fireplace logs have nearly all the benefits of real wood with none of the drawbacks. People can enjoy them throughout the year due to the ability to control heat and flame separately. Whether they come with a fireplace surround or are designed for insertion in a wood burning fireplace, they are attractive and functional.