Do Electric Fireplace Heaters Save Money?

Many people are focused on cutting costs these days so they hesitate to buy anything that runs on power, such as an electric fireplace. When it comes to this product in particular, they may be making a mistake. Compared to a woodburning fireplace, electric models may actually be less expensive. This does not even take into consideration other appealing factors like the lack of smoky smell.

Electric fireplace inserts run on electricity, a relatively inexpensive power source. Woodburning fireplaces require wood, which is expensive if it is not available in the backyard. Even if the property contains plenty of trees, there is the cost of time spent chopping and hauling the logs into the home. Models powered by gas or propane are often more expensive to operate due to increased fuel consumption and the high cost of this energy.

If there is no dry wood, the individual will not be able to have a woodburning fire. Electric fireplace logs are always ready to go as long as there is electricity available. The unit can be moved to any room that features an outlet and central heating can be turned down to reduce energy costs. Consumers who are extremely cost-conscious may only want to use their fireplaces during non-peak hours when electricity costs are cheaper.

The typical electric fireplace heater is about 4,500 to 5,000 BTUs. Consumers can adjust the level of heat if they do not need the highest power offered by the unit. In a home that runs on electricity, electric fireplaces are much cheaper than gas models because the cost of running a gas line to the home is very expensive. Even when a gas line is present, electricity is often less expensive, not to mention less combustible.

Someone who is unable to fit the cost of a wall or corner electric fireplace into the budget has another clean energy alternative. Small electric stoves are often less expensive but offer many of the same great features. Users can adjust the flame level, embers, heat, and even the brightness of the flame. This last control may not seem important but it can reduce eyestrain due to glare cast from the unit. When watching television or reading a book, reduce the flame brightness and see what a difference it makes.

The smallest electric stoves fit on a desktop and provide beautiful 3-D flames and comforting heat. These cost under $100 and some online retailers offer free shipping. A mini version weighs only about 16 pounds but includes a powerful 4,600 BTU heater that provides enough warmth for a small room. Users can adjust the heat level or set the unit to flame only for an eye-catching display of light.

Even those who are cost-conscious should not discount an electric fireplace because it can actually be a money-saver. By lowering the temperature on central heating and using the unit only when necessary, costs remain reasonable. Some people even save money when using an electric model because wood is expensive and the fireplace can be drafty.