How to Convert a Wood Fireplace to Electric

People who have a woodburning fireplace usually love it or hate it. Some find the crackling wood sound and smoky smell appealing, while others are bothered by the noise and hate having the home smell like smoke. They may come to dislike the fire so much that they stop using the fireplace. Rather than having a gaping hole, they can convert it to an electric fireplace in just a few simple steps. This can cut costs substantially.

After cleaning out the fireplace and removing the log basket, measure the depth, width, and height of the opening. Measure both front and back of the area because some openings taper. Equipped with these measurements, look online for electric fireplace inserts that match these dimensions. If unsure whether an insert is the right size, contact the online retailer for assistance. The best retailers provide a customer service phone number for this purpose.

In terms of design, not all inserts are the same, so some comparison-shopping is necessary. Some feature a brick background while others have basic black. Log styles and flame appearance differ by model and the location of the heater also varies. After selecting an insert, choose trim and louver styles. The trim attaches to the insert and serves as a cover for the fireplace opening. Louvers cover the electric fireplace heater and come in vintage or contemporary designs.

A free trim kit is provided with many inserts and specialty or custom trim is sometimes available at an additional charge. Bronze, polished brass, and antique brass are some of the specialty trim materials available. These add elegance to a once-bare woodburning fireplace opening. The glass that covers the front of the log area may be clear or tinted. This aspect may not be apparent when viewing the insert online so look for it in the product description or ask the retailer.

Shoppers who prefer to make as few decisions as possible should look for logset electronic fireplace inserts. These enable the fireplace to be converted without altering its integrity. No trim is required and this solution is portable, so it can be moved to another fireplace, if desired. Simply center the logset in the fireplace opening land plug it into an outlet. Settings include flame only, heat only, or heat and flame.

Once the electric fireplace insert is delivered, it should be unpacked and placed into the fireplace opening to ensure a proper fit. If all seems fine, center the insert in the opening, ensure that the trim and louvers are secured, and plug the cord into a nearby electrical outlet. Turn on the electric fireplace heater and “light” the electric fireplace logs using the controls on the unit or a provided remote control.

Converting from a woodburning to an electric fireplace is not difficult, whether you select an electric fireplace insert or a logset. Install the unit, plug it in, and sit back, relax, and enjoy the dancing flames as the warmth spreads over you. Making a fireplace electric is the perfect way to enjoy a fire without the smoky effect or annoying cleanup.