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Is A Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Good For Homes With Children

Some electric fireplace units feature a heater grille that gets hot to the touch. This can make them unsafe for households with young children or pets. Little ones and animals may not know to stay away from the area. If they brush up against it, they may burn themselves. Homeowners wishing to avoid a trip […]

Electric Fireplaces are Environmentally Friendly

Our environmental resources are being stretched thinner every day. Many people are aware of the need to reduce consumption and recycle and are taking matters into their own hands. A huge number of trees are destroyed so we can enjoy products like furniture, paper, and home heating. Rather than using wood to fuel their fireplaces, […]

An Electric Fireplace Is One Of The Safest Heating Options

The fireplace has served many functions in the last few hundred years, not only was it at one time the only form of warmth for a room or home but it was also the focal point of a room. If you wanted to read at night sitting next to the warm fireplace would be a […]