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Electric Fireplace Media Center

There is nothing like sitting in front of an electric fireplace on a cold day. Except for doing it while watching a great movie or sporting event, that is. Media center fireplaces emit warmth and an attractive flame from the same direction as the television. Experience the fireplace benefits without having to turn your head […]

Classic Flame Electric Fireplace

Twin Star International uses only the finest wood veneers, hardwoods, and finishes to create products in the Classic Flame electric fireplace line. These fireplaces can be purchased online or from furniture stores, supply companies, and fireplace shops throughout the country. With multiple price points available, consumers can add a safe, clean, and eco-friendly fireplace to […]

Modern Electric Fireplace

Owners of homes with a contemporary style should have no difficulty finding a modern electric fireplace to fit within it. Whether they desire a wall-mounted or free-standing unit, they can find one that matches their décor but does not exceed their price range. This fireplace will provide years of warmth and an attractive flame that […]

Duraflame Electric Fireplace

Duraflame is the top fire log manufacturer in the U.S. and the brand has expanded to include several electric fireplace models. Whether consumers are looking for a small, emissions-free fire stove that costs under $100 or a large infrared fireplace that retails for close to $400, they can find it in the Duraflame product line. […]

Charmglow Electric Fireplace

As the weather grows colder in many areas, it is the perfect time for supplemental heat provided by products like the Charmglow electric fireplace. Charmglow is one of the major brands in the industry, offering ventless, emissions-free electric fireplaces that fit any room and any budget. A fireplace powered by electricity is inexpensive to operate […]

White Electric Fireplace

A white electric fireplace complements a variety of decors, making it suitable for homes ranging from a tiny seashore cottage to a large, contemporary dwelling. Whether it is placed along a flat wall or in a corner, this fireplace looks attractive. If a realistic flame and heat with zero emissions are the goal and the […]

Electric Fireplace TV Stand

In a small home, furniture may need to serve two purposes, such as an electric fireplace that is also a television stand. Many people are turning to this fireplace as an alternative to wood burning and gas-powered models. However, not everyone can fit a standard sized fireplace without having to make some sacrifices. Manufacturers realize […]

The Top 3 Gorgeous Dimplex Electric Fireplaces

If you are looking for an electric fireplace, Dimplex is the brand of choice. This company is a worldwide leader in the electric heating industry. A member of the $3 billion Glen Dimplex Group headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Dimplex North America Limited sells these fireplaces throughout the U.S. and Canada. Innovations include realistic electric flame […]

There Are Several Different Types of Fireplaces

The decision has been made to purchase a fireplace powered by electricity and now the real shopping begins. Electric fireplaces are the perfect choice for people who want a cozy atmosphere without spending thousands of dollars to install a woodburning version. They come in many types and each is designed for a certain purpose. By […]

Electric Fireplaces are Environmentally Friendly

Our environmental resources are being stretched thinner every day. Many people are aware of the need to reduce consumption and recycle and are taking matters into their own hands. A huge number of trees are destroyed so we can enjoy products like furniture, paper, and home heating. Rather than using wood to fuel their fireplaces, […]