Amish Electric Fireplace

Ads for the Amish electric fireplace are all over the television and magazines, especially during the holiday season. Shoppers looking for a unique gift purchase this fireplace for a loved one, helping to keep the individual warm throughout the winter months. But is this product all it is promoted to be? Can people really save money by using an electrically-powered fireplace, while receiving all the benefits?

The Amish are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and they make mantles for fireplaces carrying the Heat Surge brand name, amongst others. Heat Surge is considered the original roll-n-glow electric fireplace, offering the warmth and ambiance of a real fire in a unit that can be moved from room to room. The plug works with a standard wall outlet and the unit uses about as much energy as a coffee maker.

Complete-Heat technology is used in this fireplace, heating a room quickly and evenly without making the unit hot to the touch. This is an important feature for people who want to save money on heating bills without sacrificing safety. The included hybrid-thermic technology uses the far infrared rays within the light spectrum, similar to solar energy. Air, walls, furniture, and people are heated, creating a comfortable environment.

A thermostat control achieves optimal room temperature and only makes use of advanced heating elements when necessary, saving users more money on energy bills. On the highest setting, this fireplace produces 4,606 BTUs, with a heat turbine quickly forcing the hot air into the room. With fireless flame technology, the unit features a flickering flame similar to a real fire. However, there are no venting, chimney, ashes, fumes, or flames. Since there is no fire, the unit is safe to touch so it can be used around pets and children.

Safety standards are important with any electrical product and the heating unit in the Amish electric fireplace has been approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Users stay safe while heating only the most used zones within their home. They can role the fireplace to the room being occupied and then roll it to another when they move. It costs about nine cents per hour to heat a standard size bedroom using the regular 750-watt setting.

For each degree that a thermostat is turned down for an eight-hour period, a one percent savings can be realized on the monthly heating bill. If the thermostat is reduced by five degrees for a full day, a consumer can save fifteen percent on that day alone. The cost required to operate this electric fireplace is much lower than the savings realized by lowering the thermostat and using the unit as an alternative heat source. People in warmer climates may even be able to keep their furnace off during cold weather.