Monthly Archives: October 2011

How to Use an Electric Fireplace

In our society of immediate gratification, products like the Amish electric fireplace have found success. This item is promoted online, on television, and in printed ads to seemingly no end. One wonders how the Amish are able to produce enough electric fireplaces to meet the demand, since they do not believe in using power tools. […]

What “Else” Does an Electric Fireplace Do?

Dimplex, Classic Flame, and Charmglow electric fireplace brands are well-known in the industry. People who purchase fireplaces that use electricity have likely heard these names. Brands like these are popular for a reason- they feature benefits aside from warming our bodies. A high-quality fireplace entertains us and may even clean the air we breathe. Classic […]

There Are Several Different Types of Fireplaces

The decision has been made to purchase a fireplace powered by electricity and now the real shopping begins. Electric fireplaces are the perfect choice for people who want a cozy atmosphere without spending thousands of dollars to install a woodburning version. They come in many types and each is designed for a certain purpose. By […]

Electric Fireplaces are Environmentally Friendly

Our environmental resources are being stretched thinner every day. Many people are aware of the need to reduce consumption and recycle and are taking matters into their own hands. A huge number of trees are destroyed so we can enjoy products like furniture, paper, and home heating. Rather than using wood to fuel their fireplaces, […]