Monthly Archives: September 2011

Do Electric Fireplace Heaters Save Money?

Many people are focused on cutting costs these days so they hesitate to buy anything that runs on power, such as an electric fireplace. When it comes to this product in particular, they may be making a mistake. Compared to a woodburning fireplace, electric models may actually be less expensive. This does not even take […]

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

After reviewing the various types of fireplaces available, you have opted for an electric model. The decision is now which style to choose. When space is limited, so are the options but there is still a wide selection available. If the home has modern décor, before settling for a corner electric fireplace, consider a wall […]

Why Should I Buy an Electric Fireplace?

When it comes to heating the home, fireplaces have served this purpose for hundreds of years. Modern versions use electricity, gas, propane, and even gel fuel as power sources. An electric fireplace has many advantages over other versions and comes in various sizes and styles. Anyone who is considering installing a fireplace should explore electric […]